Helen Kelly is a professional genealogist and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland (APGI) the accrediting body for Irish Genealogists. She has been involved in genealogy and tourism since the 1980s and holds an extra-mural certificate in genealogy from University College Dublin (1992), a diploma in Local History from the National University of Ireland – Maynooth (1998) and a National Tour Guide Certificate from CERT (2002).

She has been a member of the Council of APGI  since 1996, was Vice-President from 2007  – 2009 and President from 2010 to 2012 inclusive.  Together with colleagues from APGI, she has served as an APGI consultant at the Genealogical Office in Dublin from 1995 – and until 2007 continued to serve as a consultant when that service transferred to the National Library of Ireland in 1998. She also engaged in consultancy work at the genealogical service in the National Archives since its inception in 2003 to May 2012.

In 2007, she was appointed consultant genealogist to the Dublin’s prestigious 5 star Shelbourne Hotel, where she holds the unique title of Genealogy Butler.

In addition to her consultancy work, Helen carries out ancestral research for all Irish counties on behalf of clients. She is particularly interested in the midland counties of Westmeath and Longford, and in the descendants of emigrants from those counties who settled in Argentina and elsewhere.

She lectures frequently on Irish ancestry in Ireland, England and North and South America, and since 2010 has been consultant genealogist on the Tourism Ireland stand at the Who do you Think You Are show at Olympia, London.